Team coaching

Research shows that individual performance is far more dependent on the team environment than anything else. One or more high performing individuals in a team do not necessarily lead to high performance overall; sometimes the opposite may be the case.
In recent years team coaching has emerged as a practical way to apply coaching principles to the team as a whole. It enables groups to:

Groups that embrace team coaching tend to demonstrate more focused, collective energy. As they learn together, they can use real work issues to put the learning into practice. Typically, co-coaching becomes a routine activity.
Team coaching isn’t always transformational. Nor is it the answer for all team performance issues – if the team is just a bunch of people working together, but have no desire for collective improvement, then the impact may be insufficient. Equally, if the team leader does not accept that change involves him or her as well, team coaching isn’t necessarily a practical approach.
Team coaching is most successful when:

What team coaching can do in all these cases is to re-energize, refocus and create habits of success.