Freelance Consultant - Continuous Delivery Manager

2016 - present

Customer: STIB-MIVB
Implement continuous integration and continuous delivery concepts in multiple teams. During this mission I acquired expert knowledge in Jira, BitBucket, Bamboo, gitflow workflow and Desired State Configuration.
Freelance Consultant - Developer

2015 - 2016

Customer: IWT/Vlaio
At IWT/Vlaio I have been working on the implementation of the “document template system” in the “e-opvolging” solution. Before that I was working on the project closing process in the “e-opvolging” project. My job was to propose and implement technical solutions related to the IWT day to day business. The core mission of IWT is investment followup of science and innovation projects.

At this project I mainly used following technologies: WinForms, WPF, c#, vb.net, WCF, webapi, sharepoint client object model, entity framework, sql server, razor template engine.

Freelance Consultant - Team Leader

2011 - 2015

Customer: STIB-MIVB
At STIB, I have been working on multiple applications, amongst others we developed applications used for the production and selling of Mobib-cards. I started out as a developer on this project, but gradually I grew into a role where I was leading a team of seven developers. My role has been to guide, motivate and technically challenge the team. I have played a crucial role in translating business needs into technical solutions. I was there to see an idea come to life from concept through technical design and development up until it got released and finally used by the traveling class of Brussels.
I mainly used winforms, c#, .net, oracle, smartcards, contactless readers and hardware … lot’s and lot’s of hardware.

Have been working on Mobib, Calypso, Contactless tickets, Remote Loading, Interoperability (TEC, DELIJN, NMBS, …).

Lead Developer - DM&S Communications

2010 - 2011

Customer: RDC Nederland
RDC needed to migrate a legacy system to next generation technology. This project was hitting the heart of every core business application of this company. This migration required back office adaptations in the data entry applications, new features in the data export applications, several modifications in the synchronisation tools and a database merge of the old system with the next generation database structure.

Customer: Huis Voor Gezondheid
www.zorgzoeker.be is an online web application specially
designed to make searching for healthcare or care providers as efficient as possible. My task was to implement the search engine in this web application. The application has multiple search features at the front end as well as on the back end. When the user doesn’t find what he is looking for a suggestion is made matching the initial search as close as possible.

IT Consultant - Darius-Belgium

2007 - 2010

Customer: Attentia
Financial reporting budget is an application for simulating the cost of future changes in the human resource department of a company. The application calculates the impact of hiring or firing people, it can simulate the cost of a yearly index changing. This application helps human resource managers calculate there budget for a Max period of 3 year up front. My role was to lead and guide 2 team members through the implementation of this very complex application. For this project we used scrum methodology.

Customer: Wit Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen
WGK is a crm/erp application used to manage all patients of this company, it handles the communication with the government and also provides functionality to manage the working schedules of the nurses. The application is filled with more than 100 functionalities and uses over 400 tables which is obviously too much to write in the short description. My function was to add some features like “doorverwijzende instantie” and “wizard klachten afhandeling”. This would be both analysing the requirements, getting the info I need and implementing the features.

IT Consultant - Queaso Systems nv

2006 - 2007

Customer: NMBS
IBIS is the name of the portable device that all train drivers have. This portable terminal is a paperless office incorporating the latest technologies. The device cannot just print tickets, but timetables as well. The conductor can consult timetables with it, scan the barcodes on the tickets from the Ticket Online application and use his IBIS as a mobile phone. In addition, he keeps the logbook of his work in it and uses it to contact the ALASCA module. In brief, all necessary and possible functions are available via this device. With his IBIS unit, the conductor becomes even more the ambassador for SNCB. For the customer IBIS offers the advantage that he can pay electronically on the train using a credit card. My team developed among other the sales/sms/information and template based printing engine.
Junior Developer - V-Software

2005 - 2006

Customer: Electrabel
Electrabel had a structural change in their logistic department. In the past all sites had their own logistic database but these had to me merged in order to know where spare parts are located in case of emergency. So they decided to merge all data. In the process of merging, a lot of data was corrupted or duplicated so they had to clean it. My task was to write an application that would find all duplicate data and cleaned the database. Q-grams algorithm’s were used to accomplish this tremendous task.

Customer: Centea
A retail CRM package for the insurance industry. Some of the functionalities are: the possibility to categorize their customers, central based document management, automatic mailing, template based document generation, etc. Collaborate with the overall design and implementation of the system.


The separation of talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel, who have dreams, who want to do things. Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft. — Will Smith

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